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Server Virtualization

Virtualization Optimizes Your Server Space So Your IT Network Runs Smoothly

Server Virtualization Consolidates Servers To Effectively Allocate Your Resources

Server virtualization is becoming commonplace for businesses today. Virtualization involves partitioning your physical server into smaller virtual machines (known as VMs) to maximize server resources. Server virtualization allows you to reorganize your entire IT infrastructure or just specific aspects of it, and simplifies your overall IT infrastructure to promote efficiency in your workplace. Server virtualization has a variety of benefits, as outlined below.

The Following Are Some Important Reasons To Consider Server Virtualization:

It Lowers Your Costs

When your business migrates physical servers to VMs, your monthly power expenses and cooling costs will be greatly decreased. In addition, using virtual server consolidation you’ll reduce the size of your data center’s footprint. You’ll need fewer servers, networking gear and racks, which will result in lower hardware and maintenance costs. Cutting down the number of physical servers by implementing virtual servers in their place is what results in reduced power and cooling requirements. In addition, purchasing new hardware to support additional business applications won’t be necessary for future expansion. Instead you simply need to add a new virtual server.
You Can Isolate Applications
Server virtualization provides application isolation and eliminates application compatibility problems by consolidating virtual machines across fewer physical servers. This allows you to fully utilize physical server resources and allocate each virtual server with the precise required amount of memory, CPU and storage resources, ensuring that only the resources required are used.
It Ensures Business Continuity
Virtualized servers offer live migration, so content can be migrated to another server when you need to perform specific tasks without shutting them down. With live migration, downtime is no longer an issue. You can ensure your data is always available, even if a server shuts down, so business continuity is greatly enhanced. To learn more about developing a business continuity plan and how it can benefit your business in the long term, read about our business continuity planning services.

It Simplifies Transitions to the Cloud
If you’re considering moving your data permanently to the cloud, the process is a lot less complex when virtualizing your servers. The data stored on virtualized servers is already free from hardware, so making the transition to the public or private cloud simple.

The benefits of virtualizing servers for your business are numerous. Even if you have a small infrastructure,virtualization is worth considering to increase efficiencies to reduce costs. For more information about virtualization and how Multimode IT can help your business realize these benefits, call Multimode IT at 416-529-2272

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